MisterMiceGuy was accepted to a Graduate Program

Recently, MisterMiceGuy was accepted to a PhD Psychology Program! This is a 5 year program and will involve studying the Brain, Cognition, and Behavior. The Laboratory that MisterMiceGuy will be working in studies stress and addiction. This will also involve moving to a new state and find a new apartment! Big changes and hopefully IContinue reading “MisterMiceGuy was accepted to a Graduate Program”

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Summaries of research on Mindfulness

Abstract one:  Do Acceptance and Mindfulness Moderate the Relationship Between Maladaptive Beliefs and Posttraumatic Distress?  “Objective: Maladaptive pre- and posttraumatic beliefs are reliable predictors of distress in the wake of trauma. Acceptance and mindfulness skills may be associated with less distress in the presence of these beliefs, but few studies have explored these relationships. ThisContinue reading “Summaries of research on Mindfulness”