So I’ve long had an interest in making documentaries. I remember way back in idk 2013 maybe when I took my trip to Arizona I was thinking about it. Recently I’ve been thinking about it again.

I have very little experience in making videos other than the videos I made for my MisterMiceGuy videos. They weren’t the best videos but I was working on it and working on how to make them better. While I was doing that most of my videos were of my hands and the mice. I discovered I don’t really like filming myself. Especially not in this talk-straight-to-the-camera youtube style. I suppose I could get better at it with time but I am just not drawn to it.

I don’t feel like my personality is really suited for entertaining people in front of a camera either. Despite this I still have this interest in making educational content, and maybe documentary style videos. I was watching some tutorials the other day that inspired me.

In the videos they had this interview style setup where the person speaking was looking at an angle away from the camera. Like they are speaking to an interviewer and not directly to the camera. I wonder if I could do this and make auto-biographical content? Could I do something like this but include content about mice? Psychology? Biology?

I am not really sure if it would work but I think the potential is there and I would like to explore it.

3rd dating experience

So there was a third girl I met up with, lets call her Laura.  This girl presented as an intellectual and rationally minded person.  She was also Puerto Rican.  I dubbed her a “Skeptical Unicorn” for being both non-religious and Latina, which is something that seems rare.

Laura was cool and into all sorts of science-y things that I also enjoy.  Being Non-Religious is one of the qualities that is important to me.  However as I have discovered there is a difference between someone who is from mainstream america and is more or less passive about religion and some who who has to fight and make sacrifices for what they believe in.

The topic of politics came up and I said that I describe my beliefs as being liberal in nature but I also tend to not agree with people who describe their beliefs as being liberal.  I explained that so-called liberals often want to deny my experience and tell me what my experience is and who I am  She wanted an example.

So I gave for example my part Native American ethnicity. She immediately responded saying that my ethnicity “didn’t count” and that Native American Ancestry only “counts” if you have someone who is full blood 5 generations or less ago.  To me it seemed like she was doing exactly what I was talking about.

Later I gave the example of  my experience being raised in a cult and escaping fundamentalism.  She said that I was “privileged” and that despite being born into a fundamentalist dooms day cult and being robbed of identity and autonomy that I had never experienced oppression.

We didn’t seem to agree on a bunch of things.  Ironically, we did seem to agree and bond over our dislike of white female feminism though.  Laura also shared a story about how she went to Africa and had the experience of being viewed as a “White girl” rather than as her typical identity as a Latina.

I’m not sure how to explain it but I feel like somewhere in sharing her experience in Africa she seemed to get what I was talking about.  I hung out with Laura once or twice but I guess I just didn’t feel anything.  The chemistry wasn’t there or whatever.

I explored School PSychology

In 2018 I went to a psych fair at school and there was a table there for their school psychology fair.  Now initially I thought that school psychology meant being a guidance counselor.  This is a common misconception.  School psychologists might engage in therapy with students and more commonly they screen children for Special Education.  They likely also administer various tests.

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Learning To Not Be Passive Anymore

So let me tell you a story about learning about myself post fundamentalism.   This story involves a former coworker I will call Kathy.  Let me say that Kathy was a competent worker and generally, I did not have a problem working with Kathy.  However… there were a few, shall we say, incidents involving Kathy that helped me learn about myself.  I’m going to talk about one of them here. 

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