Welcome to Mistermiceguy

MisterMiceGuy is the online brand run by Ryan for the purposes of Community Outreach and Education. MisterMiceGuy will cover education in interdisciplinary fields of science that include Psychology, Biology, Neuroscience, and Animal Science.

Some major topics will include education surrounding the stress and addiction, their underlying neurobiological mechanisms and the impact that related disorders have on society. Addictive substances that will be highlighted include alcohol, nicotine, and opiates.

Part of the interdisciplinary nature of MisterMiceGuy is because media will also feature topics like evolution and domestication along with animal behavior, breeding, development, husbandry, and welfare. Currently MisterMiceGuy content consists predominantly of videos featuring of mouse breeding, genetics, and development. Special attention is paid to the variety of coat colors and types and their underlying genetic origins.

Although these to areas of subtopics may seem unrelated there is in fact a connection. There is a theory that humans have be self-domestication over thousands of years of evolution. The thought is that this self-domestication is reflected in out behavior and our physiology. Importantly these behavioral and physiological changes are thought to play an important role in the unique susceptibility of humans to addiction.