MisterMiceGuy is my online brand that focuses on Animal Breeding, Animal Science & Behavior, and Education.

The Story

I grew up very isolated and spent a lot of time playing a game called Creatures designed by Steve Grand a computer scientist and roboticist . The game which had several remakes centered around the concept of artificial life. There were creatures called Norns that you could breed. They simulated genetics and simulated cognition that allowed them to learn and interact with the player. I was deeply fascinated and wondered about how the game worked. I suspect its my early exposure to this game that lead me to have a passion for real world animal breeding as well as animal behavior and cognition.

When I was very young my family raised parakeets and as a teenager I explored raising and breeding other species. I was deeply fascinated and I always felt I desired a deeper depth of knowledge regarding the things I was interested in than was available.

So my goal with MisterMiceGuy is to explore way that I can provide that deeper depth of knowledge for individuals who seek at and provide exposure to science using common animals that are kept as pets.

To start I was producing videos of my mouse breeding videos where I talked about the different genes and the traits I was selecting for. In the future I would like to create a repository of science based articles that are directed at animal raising and breeding hobbies. I would also like to document, assess others with document, and self-publish hobby research that either I conduct or that I collaborate with others on.