The following are direct quotes from evaluations on my first semester of teaching:

Think about the activities in this course that were most valuable to your learning. Describe how these experiences contributed to your learning. Be specific and give concrete examples.

“I found that taking notes on the chapters taught in class was the most valuable. I also found it helpful when the professor drew pictures along side his lecture in order to help conceptualize the information. I found that when the lecture was aided with images/drawings of how certain systems worked, it was very beneficial for my understanding of the concepts.”

“I really enjoyed this course because during lecture we would have notes to handwrite, followed by a video to reinforce what we had just learned. I am a visual learner and so information that I learned in this course really stuck with me and set me up for success. I also enjoyed the group tasks we did like trying to remember words in a list and recall them after a short period of time to observe how short term memory works and how the top word and bottom word are most likely to be remembered.”

“Watching videos on famous psychological studies, discussing different psychological phenomenon that happen to us frequently, and discussing in groups were some of the most valuable moments in this class as it kept the class interesting, engaging, and applied the material we were learning to our everyday lives.”

Would you recommend this course to other students whose academic preparation and program are similar to yours? Why or why not?

“I found this class to be very manageable and interesting. I was interested in all the material and was easily engaged. I think this would be a very good choice to take if you are interested in Psychology and want an introduction class.”

“I think for students in my program, this course could be beneficial. As a Biomedical Science student, I took this course to fulfill a science Discovery requirement, so it technically was not necessary for me to take. However, if students in the same program is interested in psychology then I think this is a good course to take.”

“Yes, a lot of the course info coincided with anatomy and physiology and it helped me to understand what we were learning in there better.”

“I think this course is required for psych majors but if someone is into psych this class was super fun and interesting”

Would you recommend this instructor to other students? Why or why not? Please be specific and constructive.

“Yes, I would. Professor did an amazing job explaining subjects of discussion and getting back to us on questions with examples on why psychology was effected on topics in detail”

“Yes, I wasn’t nervous for this being my first ever college course I was comfortable and confident in the classroom”

“Yes, I would highly recommend this instructor to other students because he is very understanding, flexible, and shows that he is interested in the topics he teaches about.”

“Yes, the teacher was very easy to follow and straight to the content of the course. I never felt like I was doing busy work like I do in other courses. The professor kept the work load light but also the homework he did give I believe was important and there is always enough time given to do the assignments.”