038 – Pino’s Sister

Sex:FemaleDam:027-show-line-femaleSire:026-sir-poops-a-lotDOB:3-30-20Phenotype:Black and Tan RexGenotype:Black, Tan, Rex, Blue carrier, Other Notes:Not as pronounced as her brothers but she also has an "apple" shaped headSiblings:037-pino, 039Offspring:

037 – Pino

Sex:MaleDam:027-show-line-femaleSire:026-sir-poops-a-lotDOB:3-30-20Phenotype:Black and Tan RexGenotype:Black, Tan, Rex, Blue carrier, Other Notes:Selected for his unusual "apple" shaped headSiblings:038, 039Offspring:

036 – Black Smooth Coated Female

Sex:FemaleDam:020 Kona or possibly 024 Port eyeSire:017 Bumble DOB:Phenotype:Smooth Black coated femaleGenotype:Black, Roan carrier, Blue Carrier, Other Notes:Siblings:Offspring:

034 – Mr. Gorgeous

Sex:MaleDam:020 AstrocyteSire:019 Gyrus DOB:4/7/20Phenotype:Pink Eyed Silver TexelGenotype:Blue, Roan, Pink Eye, Long Hair, RexOther Notes:Shaping up to be my best quality male. His father is the Best in show of the 2020 FMBA virtual show and 1st place in the coated category and his mother was 2nd place for the coated category.Siblings:035 Blue Roan Texel FemaleOffspring:

033 – Black and Tan Texel Female

Sex:FemaleDam:Dopamine Sire:Gyrus DOB:3/25/20Phenotype:Black and Tan Texel FemaleGenotype:Recessive Yellow Carrier, Pied Carrier, Merle Carrier, Rex, Long hair. Other Notes:Siblings:31 DrainFly, 32 Albino Texel FemaleOffspring:

032 – Albino Texel Female

Sex:FemaleDam:Dopamine Sire:Gyrus DOB:3/25/20Phenotype:Albino TexelGenotype:Likely Albino, Recessive Yellow Carrier, Pied Carrier, Merle Carrier,Other Notes:Siblings:DrainFly, Black and Tan Texel Female,Offspring:

031 – Drainfly

Sex:FemaleDam:Dopamine Sire:Gyrus DOB:3/25/20Phenotype:Yellow and White TexelGenotype:Recessive Yellow, Pied, Long hair, rexOther Notes:Has decent long hair but the hair seems thin, she also has long whispies just like her sisters. Drainfly marks an impoartant combination of my new line of texels that I received from a private breeder and the line of texels that I Developed …