030 – Overeasy

Sex:MaleDam:28 - Black and White female Sire:29 - Black and White Texel Male DOB:3-31-20Phenotype:Yellow and White TexelGenotype:Recessive Yellow, Pied, Long hair, rexOther Notes:Has decent long hair but the hair seems thin, He was kept in order to continue the yellow color in my line. He had blue, black, and siamese siblings.Siblings:Offspring:

029 – Black and White Texel Male

Sex:MaleDam:EggSire:BumbleDOB:Phenotype:Black and White Genotype:Black pied, rex, Recessive Yellow carrier, long hairOther Notes:mother died during nursing which seemed to have stunted his growthSiblings:Offspring:030-overeasy

027 – Show Line Female

Sex:FemaleDam:unknownSire:unknownDOB:Phenotype:Dark Brown with white bellyGenotype:Not sure Other Notes:Reported to be from a line of show type mice. Has large eats and a show type body. Long tail. Fantastic temperment. Siblings:Offspring: FOUNDING STOCK purchased from a private breeding in Maine.

026 – Sir Poops-a-lot

Sex:MaleDam:025 Unnamed Pink Eyed Silver Tan Female Sire:017 BumbleDOB:Phenotype:Pink Eyed Dove TanGenotype:Pink Eyed Black Tan Other Notes:Had suprisingly long coat. Retained more length into adult hood than any other mouse I have at this time. He poops and urinates and excessive amount I believe this to be due to his wild ancestory. 12.5% WildSiblings:Offspring:

024 – Port Eye

Sex:FemaleDam:UnknownSire:UnknownDOB:Phenotype:Black and Tan Pied, RexGenotype: Reported to be from a pet type and show type mixed line. This mouse had much better type than all my mice at the time. Other Notes:One eye seemed to be slightly smaller or less open than the other.Siblings:013 KonaOffspring: FOUNDING STOCK purchased from a private breeding in Maine.

021 – Mueller

Sex:FemaleDam:009 PieSire:008 NoodlesDOB:4/1/2019Phenotype:ArgenteGenotype:Pink Eyed AgoutiOther Notes:Seemed tamer than expected but easily startled. 50% wildSiblings:Offspring: