Hey its MisterMiceGuy here! Things are really moving foward in my life and I haven't been focusing on my online content very much the last month or so. Right now I am working on moving so I can start school in the fall. I am also working on doing a bit of rebranding. Unfortunately I …

002 – Madre de Ratones

Female FOUNDING STOCK Dam unknown Sire unknown Purchased from Petco in Auburn, Massachusetts. Black and white low quality angora. Smooth coat.

What is MisterMiceGuy about?

MisterMiceGuy is my online brand and personal website. I aspire to foster interest in and education about philosophy and the natural world, with a focus on the science of Human and Animal Behavior.

The Long Hair Genes

Pied Recessive Yellow mouse with long hair (Photo Credit: MisterMiceGuy) MisterMiceGuy has always been enamored with long haired animals and mice are no exception. In fact is seems that long haired mice are very popular among pet owners and hobby breeders in general (The Finnish Mouse Club 2020). Because of this MisterMiceGuy is incorporating long …

Project Proposal: The Effect of Mint (Mentha piperita) on Habitat Choice in Pill Bugs (Armadillidium vulgare)

[Student's name's redacted] Introduction Arthropods are common pests that can be abundant and bothersome inside the household. As such, many people seek out natural insect repellent that won’t be harmful to the environment. The mint plant is commonly suggested as an insect repellant by nonscientific sources and essential oil companies despite mixed evidence to support …