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038 – Pino’s Sister

Sex:FemaleDam:027-show-line-femaleSire:026-sir-poops-a-lotDOB:3-30-20Phenotype:Black and Tan RexGenotype:Black, Tan, Rex, Blue carrier, Other Notes:Not as pronounced as her brothers but she also has an "apple" shaped headSiblings:037-pino, 039Offspring:

037 – Pino

Sex:MaleDam:027-show-line-femaleSire:026-sir-poops-a-lotDOB:3-30-20Phenotype:Black and Tan RexGenotype:Black, Tan, Rex, Blue carrier, Other Notes:Selected for his unusual "apple" shaped headSiblings:038, 039Offspring:

036 – Black Smooth Coated Female

Sex:FemaleDam:020 Kona or possibly 024 Port eyeSire:017 Bumble DOB:Phenotype:Smooth Black coated femaleGenotype:Black, Roan carrier, Blue Carrier, Other Notes:Siblings:Offspring: