So many ideas in my head

I spend a lot of time thinking. In fact its one of my favorite activities. For better or worse, I find thinking to be more rewarding that many other activities. Some people find running or lifting weights to be rewarding. I wonder if I get a similar high from just thinking.

Anyways I feel like I have so many great ideas that get in my head and that I need to get out. Maybe its arrogant to think this. Maybe everyone thinks this way about their thoughts. It’s possible that these feelings are due to some sort of nieveness on my part.

Despite these possibilities I still feel like I have great ideas and I need to get out of my head. Ideas I would like to do something with. I was thinking I should just keep a journal again. Or maybe I should just make blog posts.

There are problems with these ideas. One is I am not sure I just want to share my private ideas publicly because I don’t know what kind of ramifications that could possibly have. I think that privately journaling my ideas is probably a good idea. An issue I have i with that is though I want to do more with my ideas than just right them down privately. I want to share them. I want to discuss them. I want to collaborate with them.

For most of my life I’ve had to keep much of my ideas private. I want my favorite activities to be social not just private. I feel like I desire my favorite activity of thinking to be a social activity not a private one. Is that even possible?

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