9 Types of Intelligences

There is a theory by Howard Gardner that described 9 basic types of intelligence.

The 9 types are:

Naturalist, Musical,Mathematical, Existential, Interpersonal, kinesthetic, Linguisti, Intra-personal, and Spatial.  

You can google it and find a test to find out which type you are.  I score highest in Existential followed by Naturalist, and Intra-personal.  My lowest are inter-personal and kinesthetic.

I have mixed feeling about intelligence and personality tests.  In part because sometimes people treat them like astrological signs.  Ew.  However I also like them because I feel like they help bring attention to some of your potential strengths and weaknesses.

I can say for sure I have an affinity for thinking about existential things aswell as being drawn to natural things.  In the past I felt very confused about who I was and what I liked as far as my clothing, home setting, or even just general interests.  Now I’m fairly certain that if ever I’m not sure I should go with something natural as that tends to be me most pleasing to me whatever it is.

What is your intelligence type?  Do you agree with the test results?

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