Observations: Avocado Oil

MisterMiceGuy was exploring increasing fat content in the diet of nursing mothers with the addition of Avocado Oil. “Love Mash” was created using avocado oil instead of cod liver oil. Additionally, Mazuri mouse feed was coated in Avocado Oil before being added to the food hopper.

A nursing female, Dopamine, who was given this Avocado oil coated food was observed with a hunched posture and a messy coat 4 days after giving birth. Additionally, the pups in her litter seemed to have unusually small milk spots. On the 4th day MisterMiceGuy noticed that the mother was aggressively eating only sunflower seeds. Concerned about the haunched appearance MisterMiceGuy tried adding non-oil-coated food pellets directly onto the bedding which the mother immediately started eating.

MisterMiceGuy was not able to find anything saying that Avocado oil was toxic to mice but suspects that Avocado oil makes the food unpalatable.

After uncoated food was supplied the mouse returned to an unhaunch posture later that day.


Published by Ryan David Tuttle

PhD Graduate student studying Behavioral Neuroscience, Addiction, Stress, Behavioral Economics, and Individual Differences. Former member Ministerial Servant and Pioneer in a Spanish speaking congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses.

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