Preparing selamectin for treatment of mouse lice

While ago after posting one of my mouse videos to youtube an experienced mouse breeder pointed out that my mice might have lice. Appon close examination there was small structures that look like tiny pieces of shiney plastic dust attached to the hair shaft.

Following the guidelines of an experienced fancy mouse breeder I prepared an anti-parasite mixture for applying to mice. Selamectin was purchased in the form of “Revolution for dogs of 20.1-40kg body weight” from

The original solution came in a 2ml applicator tube at a strength of 120mg/ml. The strength needed to be reduced to 12mg/ml before applying to the mice. To do this I added a 2ml tube to 8ml of 91% isopropyl alcohol . This resulted in 10ml of solution at a strength of 12mg/ml. This was applied at a dose of 1 drop administered between the shoulder blades of each mouse monthly.

I applied it to all of my mice and a few days after the first application there were no signs of lice on my mice.

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