Preparing Ivermectin for treatment of mouse parasites

My mice have not been producing pups regularly and one group is exhibiting loss of fur mostly between the shoulder blades and some spots on their sides. The group that is missing fur consists of 3 females and 1 male. 2 of the females and 1 of the males are a F1 cross between a captive born wild mouse and a 50% domestic resulting in them having an estimated 75% wild genes. The additional female is 50% wild argente female.

I have been told by an experienced hobbyist that the hair loss is likely due to parasites and that I should treat with ivermectin which is a internal and external anti-parasite medication. I was also told that is standard practice to use 1:4 ratio of ivermectin to water applied with a spray.

I treated the 4 mice with hair loss and an additional 5 mice in a different cage without hair loss and I will be waiting to see how they react to the treatment before treating my entire colony.

To make the solution I used 1 part ivermectin solution to 1 part distilled water. The original ivermectin solution was purchased as “pour on” ivermectin” from amazon and had a strength of 5mg/ml. I used 6ml of ivermectin solution with 24ml of distilled water to create a 30ml solution at a strength of 1mg/ml. It was applied at a dose of 2 spritzes per mouse. One spritz to the ventral and one to the dorsal side.

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