MisterMiceGuy Wins Best in Show at the FMBA Virtual Show

MisterMiceGuy has won best in show at FMBA’s 2019 virtual show. The win was announced in the March Mouse Minute magazine Issue 55. The winner was featured on the cover of the magazine and is shown above. This is a Under 8 week (U8) old male Blue Merle Texel owned by MisterMiceGuy. In addition to being Best in Show, this mouse placed first in the U8 coated category. MisterMiceGuy also one second place in the U8 Coated category with a beautiful Silver Roan Texel Doe.

Both winners were featured in MisterMiceGuy’s time lapse video of mouse pups growing which can be seen here.


Published by Ryan David Tuttle

PhD Graduate student studying Behavioral Neuroscience, Addiction, Stress, Behavioral Economics, and Individual Differences. Former member Ministerial Servant and Pioneer in a Spanish speaking congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses.

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